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Every month, we're giving out gifts to four lucky winners in each delivery area, each prize valued at over $9,720.  Make sure you review your ads and verify you received them.  Working TOGETHER, we can make a difference in OUR commUNITY.
You could WIN FREE Groceries or a FREE House Account!!
If you have any questions, contact:

Joseph Gannon
Program Administrator
Phone: (480) 228-3113

Please take a moment and fill out the below form so that we can let our clients know that you received your ads.  Doing this also allows our delivery people to get paid.  We want to make sure they got our clients' ads into your hands instead of throwing them in the garbage or the bushes. filling out the below form, you are also entering a drawing to win 1 of 4 prizes worth more than $9,720 each.  You could earn FREE Groceries for Life, money to help pay for your house, even money for your car.

Thank you very much!!

AZ Gold Marketing Administrator

Ad Receipt Confirmation