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  • Need more traffic or exposure? 
  • Need affordable advertising to fit your tight budget, the right solution to get more traffic or exposure? 
  • Need additional streams of income to stay afloat?
If you answered YES to the above, then you are in the right place.
I'm sure you've all heard of Entertainment Book, Groupon, maybe even the PogoPass.  These programs are designed to generate instant interest in a business through a deeply discounted offer.  But, they don't pay attention much to the long term needs of their clients.  While their clients agree to such deep discounts, there's little promise of return visits from the customers.  

For a time, the return visits by customers were based in large part on the quality of their experience.  However, in this economy, things have changed.  Consumers are looking for way to save wherever they can.
We have strong belief that the program we've developed is what EVERY small business owner needs in this economy, to keep their doors open and their business in profit. 

The sad reality is that many programs are so costly, they take away the ability to make a profit for your business.

Our Business Philosophy
Customer retention is the central aim for every small business owner.  Loyal, repeat customers equate to more profit for the business.

Our Co-op program and other services are built on the very philosophy of "helping enough other people get what they want so that you can have what you want."  Our programs and services are designed in such a way to strengthen your business in the areas of customer retention and increased profit margins.
Promote Your Business through the Co-op!!
Why does the Co-op work better you ask?  Well, first, your advertising dollars stay localized.  You no longer have to pay some national advertising firm that only cares about getting your money.  

By keeping your advertising dollars in-state, you are working with a group of small business owners that care about seeing your business succeed along with theirs.
When you use a little "Co-op"-eration in your advertising with other business owners, you are building your business while strengthening other businesses, the community, and the local economy.
Our program is much better as we focus on the long term goals of our clients.  Do you want repeat visits from your customers?  Do you want more sales?  As a business owner, you want repeat business and more sales.  With our program, we can get you more sales and repeat visits from your customers.  We will use a variety of methods to promote your business to the local crowds, such as printed media, online radio, YouTube, and more.

And our program is very affordable.
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