Be a Community Partner and Be REWARDED!!
You don't need a super suit to be a Super Hero!  All you need is the desire to make a difference in the community by going above and beyond and offering more to those in the community.  

With our current economy, people are finding it hard to put food on the table, hard to keep a roof over the their heads, heard to pay the bills altogether.  And our federal government isn't doing anything to help.

We've developed a unique, multi-tiered program to help you on your way to becoming a hero in your local community.   We call it our "LifeSAVER" membership.  The LifeSAVER membership is a monthly program designed to boost the community and the local economy.  With 4 options to fit ANY budget, we'll drive traffic to your business in your willingness to offer "lifesaving" incentives to LifeSAVER members.  We will reward each member that shares the program with others with monthly income for giving patronage to your business.  

Additionally, we'll reward your business for going above and beyond.  Take a look at our compensation plan below.

Community Partner Rewards Program


Consumer Price (monthly)
Partner Reward (monthly)
LifeSAVER FREEDOM (annual)
$99.95 (annual)
$57.50 Cash/$12.50 Ad Credit

LifeSAVER Plus Gold

$199.95 (monthly)
$127.50 Cash/$12.50 Ad Credit
LifeSAVER Plus Platinum
$299.95 (monthly)
$197.50 Cash/$12.50 Ad Credit
LifeSAVER Plus Titanium
$374.95 (monthly)
$267.50 Cash/$12.50 Ad Credit