We Pay You to Advertise with Us!!
The AZ Gold Savings Card -
Our Core Program


"I promise you, that through your participation in this program, as long as you promote the AZ Gold Savings Card to your customers and follow a few simple steps along the way, I will show you how you can make at least an additional Million Dollars with our program."

-Joseph Gannon, Program Administrator
Office/Mobile: (480) 228-3113
"You Can Have ANYTHING In Life That You Want If You Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want."  -Zig Ziglar
The AZ Gold Small Business Co-op

Are your current advertising agencies sharing their profits with your company?


If you answered NO, then it's time to switch.


At AZ Gold Marketing, we believe in doing what your current advertising agencies aren't doing... sharing our profits.  When your business participates in our Small Business Co-Op by offering an affordable, repeat discount to AZ Gold Savings Card users AND tells your customers about the card and co-op, when your customers join, you get paid.


Our company pays your company in several different ways to include:

  • Referral Bonuses
  • Cycle Bonuses
  • Co-Op Ad Credits
  • Sponsor Bonuses


Basic Co-Op Membership

Gold Co-Op Membership
  • Counter-top Program Marketing Sign w/ FREE "Try Before You Buy" cards/brochures, refilled for life
  • Listing on AZ Gold Savings Card website as participating merchant.
  • NO COST Co-Op listing in Valley Newspapers
  • FREE AZ Gold Savings Card
  • Additional printable marketing materials available
  • 5 minute interview on H4LRadio Online podcast
  • YouTube commercial promoting business in conjunction with the AZ Gold Savings Card program.
  • 3-5 Page Website
  • In addition to an earning position for your business business, Gold Co-Op Membership includes and earning position for you as the owner (healthcare coverage, additional income streams and benefits of consumer side apply)