FREE Card Brochure
This is a tri-fold brochure that you can pass out to your customers.  Currently, we're running a contest.  The top 17 business that help distribute the most FREE cards to their consumers will win cash prizes anywhere from $1000 to the top prize being $10,000.  This brochure features a $5 coupon each customer may use when they present their AZ Gold Savings Card at your registers.  We will compensate you for EVERY coupon you redeem.  Save a copy of this file and take it to your print shop or print them out with your printer in greyscale.  Just believe in the program and so will your customers.
Savings Card Brochure.pdf Savings Card Brochure.pdf
Size : 3951.181 Kb
Type : pdf
Promotional Wall Sign
Print out as many of these promotional signs as you'd like in order to promote your participation in our program.  Write in the discount you're offering in the space provided.  Hang these signs in noticeable areas (ie, phone booth, restrooms, front enterance, etc.)
Marketing Wall Sign.pdf Marketing Wall Sign.pdf
Size : 345.134 Kb
Type : pdf
Marketing Wall Sign Chandler.pdf Marketing Wall Sign Chandler.pdf
Size : 337.535 Kb
Type : pdf
Marketing Wall Sign Mesa.pdf Marketing Wall Sign Mesa.pdf
Size : 368.151 Kb
Type : pdf
Marketing Wall Sign Phoenix.pdf Marketing Wall Sign Phoenix.pdf
Size : 495.956 Kb
Type : pdf
Website Banners
Does your business have a website?  If so, you my promote the discount you are offering through our program with our banner below.  Simply copy the banner code and paste it into your website code in an area of high visibility and you'll earn referral bonuses for every referral sale.
Copy the code below and paste it into your website
<p align="CENTER"><h3>Use your AZ Gold Savings Card when you visit ALL our participating locations and receive [insert your offer per the vendor agreement] everytime you visit.  Click on the banner to order your card, and mention [insert your business name] when placing your order.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="468" height="60" /></a></h3></CENTER></p>